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Profile photo of Alison Langevad, wildlife photographer

I first starting enjoying wildlife photography in 1995 while visiting Africa. At that time, my husband and I travelled extensively through Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Uganda. We were fortunate to spend time with the mountain gorillas in what used to be known as Zaire. It was then that my true passion for African wildlife began.

As a freelance photographer, I have been able to shoot wildlife around the world, yet still African wildlife remains my greatest passion. Africa has a way of reaching deep into your soul, and through photography I hope to share this with you. We have returned often to Kenya and Tanzania. We have enjoyed the splendors of Uganda, Botswana, Namibia and much of South Africa and I am ever grateful for the opportunities I have had. 

As you browse my website you will see I am an avid sports photographer. I also donate my time to the humanitarian sector, both locally and internationally.


I sell framed fine art prints and stretched canvases that are totally unique, delivered worldwide.

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